Motor Sport Expotech 2010

Spinotterie Piemontesi at "MOTOR SPORT EXPOTECH 2010"
to be continued ...


Spinotterie Piemontesi has been carrying on the business in the precision mechanical machining, especially engine pins and coupled axis for crankshafts. These products are used for the most different industrial applications, such as the automotive field, the compressors, the trucks, the gardening, the pumps pin pumps and very high pressure pumps), the motorcycle, the racing & performances.

La nostra Azienda.

Spinotterie Piemontesi, to satisfy a rising demand from Customers and to maintain their confidence, has gradually settled down on different products, new machining and new control equipments.

During the 50 years of its life, Spinotterie Piemontesi, thanks to the partnership with Customers, a deep collaboration with suppliers and a good staff, has grown in experience and has obtained a unique professional way of working. Spinotterie Piemontesi has also reached the useful level of know –how to face the market challenges with confidence and seriousness.