The machineries

  The machineries


The grinding machine has always been our core business, particularly the cylindrical one. We have at disposal 2 lines of smooth finish machining made by 3 centerless machines each line, that grind our products of diam. 7mm min. to diam. 70mm max, with lengths of diam. 15mm min to 200mm max. These lines are supported by 2 lines of roughing machining.

Recently, we added to our workshop, some CNC turning machines with driving axes and counter spindle (equipped by axis Y ). On these turning machines, the bar way is diam. 65mm max and all of them has a feeder.

We turn to reliable suppliers for our external machining such as facing ( by machines of our own property), grinding and holes lapping, in addition to galvanic and heat treatments.

We also machine, on CN turning machines and multi-spindles to a diam. 32mm max ,moreover little crankshafts and dedicated bolts and screws for fast coupling.