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These products are made by using high quality steel (FADH-16NiCrMo12), and subjected to dedicated heating treatments and to paper lapping on outside and inside diameters These products can be supplied with surface DLC treatment that increases life to 5 factor compared to those ones without coating

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In order to satisfy our fondest Customers’ demands, we approach the “racing & performances” world. From this experience, we get remarkable benefits in terms of increasing our capacity-improving in quality of products and updating the most innovate products applications- and of satisfaction obtained from final customers. racing The brain storming the ideas and solutions exchange among us and Customers, suppliers and amateurs combine perfectly with our passion, our availability for experiments and for sharing what the most innovative the technology offers.

Spinotterie Piemontesi “Racing and special parts” is becoming more and more the “ideal home” where all experiences and synergies melt together to create new and winning products.

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